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Stay in the Green: Ideas to Enjoy St. Patty's Day on a Budget

March 10, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

St. Patty's Day is coming! How will you celebrate green this year? From leprechauns to four-leaf clovers and pots of gold, a good time and the luck of the Irish is what most of us are hoping for.

Short of Green this St. Patrick's Day

If that luck seemed to have passed you by this year, don't worry. You can still enjoy the fun and festivities the holiday has to offer, even if you are on a limited St. Patty's Day budget. Here are some great ideas on how to enjoy St. Patty's Day without breaking the bank:

Celebrate at home

Avoid contributing part of the estimated $4.7 billion dollars Americans spend to honor this green-themed holiday by celebrating at home. Invite your family and friends to take part in the festivities with a Pot of Gold Potluck.

If you are not familiar with the tradition of a potluck themed party, it's when everyone attending brings a little something to add to the party. It can be an entrée, dessert, drinks, or dips and chips, whatever is needed or contributed by your guests. Celebrating the holiday like this provides all the fun and memorable moments you are hoping for with any party at a fraction of the cost.


Decorating for the holiday doesn't have to be expensive. Visit your local discount party store or dollar store for all the green you need to transform your home into an emerald wonderland. For very little money you can purchase green plates and cups for entertaining and tons of streamers, clovers and green lights for indoor and outdoor décor.

To get a little festive and fancy yourself, dress to impress with a green beaded necklace, a green boa, face paints, stickers, and top it all off with a leprechaun's top hat.

Enjoy the Parade

There are over 100 cities nationwide that celebrate the holiday with a St. Patrick's Day parade. If your city is hosting such an event, why not take part and join the festivities? If your city does not celebrate with a parade, they probably have other events honoring the Irish holiday. Check out the local event calendar for your city to see what activities are taking place. You may be surprised at what you find.

Attend a Party

If hosting your own party is not an option but you have been invited to a St. Patrick's Day celebration, then have a blast and live it up. Dress in your best green ensemble, bring a snack or beverage to share and enjoy the festivities.

How Will You Save This St. Patrick's Day?

So many of us are on a budget and living from paycheck to paycheck. You are not alone. Entertainment is the last thing on your list when you have more bills than you can handle!

When that happens you could benefit from grabbing some extra cash to stay on top of your finances. If good credit is not a luxury that you have, then you may want to consider other options. If you own a vehicle, an affordable auto pawn could be just what you need to get ahead and celebrate the holiday in style.