Georgia title pawn checklist

The Ultimate Checklist For Getting A Georgia Title Pawn

Getting a Georgia title pawn isn't a complicated process, especially if you find a good lender. You need a few things to obtain a Georgia title pawn and none of it is hard to pull together. 

Applying for any type of loan can work on the nerves but there is an ultimate checklist to be used to get through the process smoothly. You'll find that a checklist can be your best friend when seeking a Georgia title pawn. 

The Ultimate Checklist

Checking things off helps you gain confidence in successfully getting a Georgia title loan. It makes the process more understandable and helps you ask the right questions too. 

The best place to get a title loan is going to a reputable, private lender that is licensed in the state and meets all the requirements.


1. Make Sure You Have A Valid, Current Picture ID.

This can be a photo identification that is issued by the state but using your Georgia license is better. After all, you should have a current license since you're driving. Lenders will need a license or ID to prove your identity. This is a requirement for any type of loan whether you go with a private lender or a bank. 

2. Get Your Title Out.

It could be stuffed in a file somewhere but this is the one document required for a Georgia title loan. The title can't be just any title either as it needs to have some specific things on it. 

First, the title must be associated with the car planned to be used to obtain a loan. This may seem obvious but some people do try to use a different title for a vehicle. The title also should be solely yours. The only way a lender company can give you a loan is if you own the car alone.

The final aspect of the title is to make sure it's a clear title. A clear title does not and holds or liens placed against it. Mechanics can put liens on titles for work not paid for and those are listed at the courthouse. Check to make sure it's a clean title if you aren't sure. 

3. Get Your Vehicle Ready For An Inspection.

A Georgia title loan lender will always inspect the vehicle to evaluate what is eligible for borrowing. This is determined by looking at the vehicle's value and using a formula based on repayment ability and the value. 

This means your vehicle should be in working order, will start well, and be able to be driven either to the title loan store or a location where you will meet a store associate. 

4. Use The Inquiry Form.

The form is available on the website and is easy to work on and submit. This form just shows your interest in obtaining a Georgia title loan and it will be securely sent to the nearest Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. location convenient to you.

Our title pawns have a maximum amount of $15,000. 

5. Answer Your Phone.

After you submit the inquiry form, someone will contact you and explain the process at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. You can ask all your questions about applying and what to expect. 

6. Meet With An Associate.

One thing to do when you are seeking a Georgia title pawn make an appointment with a Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. associate. You can make an appointment at a store or can plan a meeting somewhere else where you'll feel comfortable. 

The meeting will include checking your documents including your license and the clear title. It will also involve an inspection of the automobile, which is a short five-minute session. The loan eligibility amount is shared and then you can decide whether you want to proceed.

7. Finish The Simple Paperwork.

We will have some paperwork that you'll submit to finalize your Georgia title pawn. It doesn't take long to fill out, oftentimes the entire meeting with the associate can be done as quickly as a half hour.


8. Collect Your Cash.

Those who are approved can get their money fast, either the day you are approved or on the following day of business. This type of loan is one of the quickest ways to get cash.

Get More Information

Now that you know how title loans at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. work, you may be ready to fill out our online loan inquiry form. It won't take long for an associate to call you so be ready with your required items when they call. They will ask you about them and may require some information from them. 

Getting a Georgia title pawn from Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. is painless and simple. It can help you pay for an unexpected expense so ask for more information today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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