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5 Tips for A Fiscally Responsible and Festive Season

October 29th, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

Oh, what is that? Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Or is that the sound of your purse being emptied? That's right – it’s that time of the year again!

How Can You Save This Christmas?

While this is the season of giving, bright lights and general merriment, it's also a money trap. Between the gifts, parties, and holiday meals, you could end up starting the New Year in a deficit. That’s no way to welcome in the New Year!

But not to worry, we’ve got five tips to help you get through your holiday season without risking your hard-earned savings.

Plan Your Budget

One good way to keep on track for the Holidays is to plan your budget ahead of time. You should know who is on your Christmas list so from there it is just a matter of picking a budget for each person.

Perhaps you decide your budget is $20 per person? You can also allocate your budget for events or parties. Planning this out ahead of time can help you keep on track financially.

Creative Gift Ideas

If you are too traditional for a Secret Santa but are still struggling with budgeting for gifts, perhaps look at doing interesting and unusual gifts. Now might be the time to try your hand at crafting! The holiday season is the perfect time to give homemade masterpieces to those you love.

You could also give the gift of help! Offer to do their least favorite chore for a month or help them with a DIY project they’ve been putting off. If you are looking for something for your sweetheart, why not look at a full body at-home massage? A couple of candles and nice oil can help set the mood for relatively cheap!

Secret Santa

One good way to cut down costs is to discuss doing a Secret Santa with your family and friends. Instead of buying presents for everyone on your list, everyone would just be responsible for 1 gift for the person they were assigned. It not only helps costs but also ends up being a great event and surprise. A Secret Santa could be at the heart of any great Christmas Party.

Potluck Holiday Meal

One way to keep the holiday budget down for you and those around you is to do a holiday potluck. Instead of one person having the whole meal price tag, you split up the meal amongst all the attendees.

Everyone is responsible for one thing which not only helps with the price but is also the perfect opportunity to share family recipes and cooking skills!

DIY Holiday Spirit

If you love coming home and feeling like you are in a Christmas wonderland, you might be spending too much money on decor during the holidays. Instead of buying all your Christmas cheer, try your hand at making it yourself.

There are tons of easy ways to decorate your home with craft supplies or things you buy from the Dollar Store. Try wrapping paper around the picture frames already on the walls of your home. Throw on a ribbon and you’ve got hangable presents! There are tons of DIY ideas Try them out!

Keep Christmas on a Budget This Year

And there you have it! A few easy ways to keep your Christmas season fun and functional without having to take out an auto title pawn. Face the New Year with confidence and security! Happy Celebrating!