4 Little Known Good Ways to Save Money: Small Changes with Big Results

January 14, 2021 | Peyton Sawyer

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I have never known a person who wouldn’t want to have more money saved than they already had. And this desire seems to encompass all types of people. It doesn’t matter if a person already diligently saves a part of their salary every month (automatically depositing into a high-yielding savings account), or if they live paycheck to paycheck with less than $500 in their savings account (if they even have a savings account) – which, by the way, is the majority of Americans today.

The problem is – even if you have a stable income, it can still be hard to cut corners and find extra money to set aside. Many just give up the moment the subject of money-saving is breached, having already decided that they’ll fail.

This attitude is half the problem: saving money is not as hard as you’ve imagined. Here are 4 changes you can make to your lifestyle that’ll allow you to increase your savings in the long run:

How to Change Your Saving Methods

1. Learn How to Cook and Mend

Food and clothes are essential – so, cutting them from the budget just isn’t an option, even if rent and utility bills eat up most of your income.

What you can do, though, is stop spending money on takeout or new clothes when you could easily make an effort to change your habits. Home-cooked meals and mending old clothes instead of buying new ones can help.

Americans tend to over-consume and over-spend. This is a major threat to your money: that doesn’t mean you should never buy anything new again, just limit yourself. For example, only order out once a week, and cook the rest of your meals. Or instead of buying a new blouse, when there’s a small tear – mend it and skip a new purchase.

2. If You’re in Debt – Learn About Debt Consolidation

Debt tends to be what eats up the biggest chunk of money in an average American household. If you have multiple debts, then you should learn about debt consolidation. Consolidation means combining your loans into one, thus only needing to post one payment a month (for all of them together), usually with a lower interest rate.

Don’t consolidate your debt in haste! Learn about the options from multiple financial institutions and go with the option that; 1) lets you save more money in a month; 2) lets you save more money in the long run.

Be smart about consolidation and you’ll save yourself not just money, but also trouble.

3. Come Up with a Fun Challenge for Yourself (and Friends!)

  • Make saving money fun.
  • We’re susceptible to challenges – and tend to perform better when we’re in it with other people, so all the better if you can get some of your friends involved (bet they want to save some money too!).
  • These challenges don’t need to be grand: for example, you can compete who can spend 15 no spend days a month for a year.
  • Or you can try to ‘save change’. If you don’t use cash, simply imagine that you do. For example, if your bill is 7.49, imagine you’ve paid with a $10 bill and deposit the 2.51 that’s left into your savings account.

It may not sound like much, but it’s better than nothing – and in time it can add up to a pretty impressive sum.

4. Don’t Postpone Dealing with Emergencies

Many people don’t have emergency savings which forces them to postpone dealing with them. You know what happens next? The problem is exacerbated, and in the end, can cost the penny-pincher more than it would if they just dealt with it in the beginning.

It’s better get some money right now and deal with it while it’s still manageable, instead of postponing and allowing it to swell further.

If you don’t have money, luckily you can get some rather quickly by getting an auto pawn.

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Why a Title Pawn?

Auto pawns, or title pawns, as they’re sometimes referred to, are quick and easy to obtain. If you’re at least 18 years old and a car-owner, then you can apply as long as the car’s title is in your name and lien-free, and you have a valid government-issued ID.

Lenders aren’t going to care about your credit score, and they’ll work with all kinds of income to accommodate you.

How Do I Find Georgia Auto Pawns Near Me?

If you live in Georgia, the easiest way is to apply for an online title pawn is to go to GeorgiaAutoPawnInc.com to access the online inquiry form. Once you complete the form, a loan representative will contact you and set up a meeting at a location convenient to you.

They’ll perform a quick car inspection to see how much cash you qualify for – and start the approval process. If you’re approved, you’ll get the cash the same day. The entire process can last as little as 30 minutes.