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What The Typical Uses Of A Title Pawn Are

What can you use a title pawn for? Well, for many things, as it turns out. Getting title cash now is typically used to help get yourself out of a tricky situation that needs to be handled now. But before I get into that, I should probably start with how you shouldn’t be using title pawns. These pawns are not designed to permanently fix your finances or get rid of your debt. That doesn’t mean you cannot use it to help with bills that are close to overdue or even overdue. In fact, we define what is a title pawn as a short-term cash-flow strategy. This means this pawn is made for specific situations that really throw you through a loop. So, now that you know what you can’t use your pawn for, here are some typical uses of title pawning.

Typical Ways To Use An Auto Title Pawn

Medical Emergencies

If you’ve ever had to stay in the hospital or even needed a surgery, then you know how expensive it is. Even something as simple as paying for medications after a procedure can be pricey. And even if you have medical insurance, that doesn’t mean your policy will cover everything – or anything, for that matter. You can also use your title pawn cash to pay for medical insurance if you are faced with a medical situation uninsured. And no matter what amount you get approved for – saying that you’ve been approved – can help you make your medical situation more manageable.

Unexpected Home Repairs

When it comes to home repairs, they can pop up at any time. Whether it is a broken water heater, a burst pipe, or your air conditioner suddenly gives in, these kind of repairs need to happen right away. And any one of these repairs could be really expensive to handle on your own. Even with insurance you may find that your type of repair isn’t covered by your policy. So you will be left to handle those necessary repairs all on your own. With your title pawn cash, you can stand to handle those repairs without it doing too much damage to your finances. Whatever you qualify for – if we are able to approve you – can help bring down those repair bills for you to be able to handle them.

Automobile Issues

Just as sudden as home repairs can happen, auto issues are right there with it. At any moment, your vehicle can start showing problems or you could even get into an accident. And those bills can be pretty hefty depending on what the damage is. Your auto title cash can help you out so you can get that out of your way quickly. Of course, the amount you receive is based on your vehicle’s condition. So, if you have more than one vehicle in your name – whether a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or even an RV – you should probably use that title to see if you qualify. Or if the damage is minimal, you can still see how much your vehicle can qualify for. Our vehicle inspection is free, so you can come in and see how much your vehicle could get you.

Sudden Unemployment

If you suddenly find yourself unemployed – whether you get fired or are laid off – then you know how quickly things can get tight. Besides cutting down on your unnecessary spending and readjusting your budget, title pawning in Georgia can help out. You can use your title cash for those bills that either have really close due dates or are even overdue. You can still take care of your mortgage or rent and pay for food. You will have to lessen your spending on unnecessary things, but your title cash will still take care of the necessary things. You can even use your title cash to make sure your emergency fund is set up. Having that fund plus your title cash can keep you steady until your unemployment kicks in or you find another job.

Staying Afloat During Emergencies

Let’s say you are going through an emergency but are able to handle everything on your own. You can pay the medical bills or get those sudden home repairs taken care of. But now your finances are tied up in this emergency. Your necessary expenses – mortgage, rent, food, gas, and bills – fall by the wayside. And when those start to fall, you will definitely see a pile-up form quickly. With title pawn help, you can stay afloat while you pass this emergency and start to build back up. I know I said you shouldn’t use this title pawn cash to get rid of debt, but this is different. You can use this cash to pay for the most pressing bills that you are in danger of getting late fees for. You may have to make spending changes for the time being, but your pawn can really keep you from sinking.


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What Are You Waiting For? Get A Title Pawn Today!

Now that you know how an auto title pawn is typically used, what are you waiting for? If you read this and found yourself relating to any of these situations, title pawning could be the answer. How to pawn a car title is simple here in Georgia. It takes just about 30 minutes or less for you to walk in, go through the process, and walk away with amounts up to $15,000 – if you are approved. Just fill out the online form and a pawn representative will walk you through the rest of the steps. You will also have paperwork to fill out and learn about our loan payment agreement. This is where you will ask all the questions you have. Also, when you do show up to a title pawns near you, you will have to bring in three necessary items with you. Those items are:

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued ID that states you are 18 or older
  • Your vehicle for an inspection to determine how much you qualify for
  • Your vehicle’s title that is free of prior pawns or judgments and in your name

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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