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How The Title Pawn Process Works In Georgia

When it comes to title pawns, you may be asking yourself “what are title pawns? And how do I get them?” Well, the answers to both those questions are easy to answer. A title pawn lets you pawn your vehicle’s title in exchange for cash you receive quickly – if you are approved. This pawn was designed to help get you through situations that need your attention right now; so that means you cannot fix your finances permanently using a title pawn or pay off your debt. These were made for emergency situations that bring with them expenses you cannot handle on your own. We all go through those situations where we need our title cash now; we can’t sit around and wait for money to come in to handle these problems.

Now, for the second part of that question, “how do I get them?” that is just as easy to answer as the first question. Everyone here at Georgia Auto Pawn wants to make sure we make our process as easy and convenient as possible. We don’t make you go through mounds of paperwork that you barely understand. We will sit down with you and make sure you understand everything while still getting you on your way quickly. Our title pawning process can be summed up in a few easy steps.

How Do I Get A Title Pawn?

Fill Out Our Simple Online Form

It all starts with you filling out our simple online form. This form just gives us your basic information and allows us to know which location will best work for you. You can always just choose to walk into one of our locations if you please and have someone sit down with you to go through our application, that is always available to you. This form is just an option for those of you that may want to start without having to walk into one of our stores and speaking with anyone just yet. Once you’ve submitted your form, your next step is to wait by the phone.

Wait For A Phone Call From One Of Our Pawn Representatives

Once the form is sent in, you will be receiving a phone call from one of our pawn representatives at the location of your choosing. This phone call is so you know what the next steps are and what you need to bring in with you. Your pawn rep can also answer and questions you may have right at this point – even though you will have a sit-down meeting with one of our reps so you can go in depth with understanding the terms of your pawn. After you get off the phone you can then grab what you need and make your way to see us.

Come Down To The Store To Finish

Once you’ve submitted your form online and spoke to our pawn rep, the last step is to come to one of our stores around Georgia to finish up. When you speak to our pawn reps, you are supposed to learn what our necessary items are that you must bring with you. When you come in you have to have your driver’s license or your state-issued photo ID that states you are 18 or older, your lien-free title that is in your name, and your vehicle that matches the title. If you’ve never heard of “lien-free” before, that simply means your title is free of any prior pawns or judgments on it. And if you are wondering how much you can qualify for, that depends on the value of your vehicle – but it can be anything up to $15,000. That means when you come down here in your vehicle, a pawn rep will conduct a quick vehicle inspection to figure out the value.

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Other Benefits To Know About Car Title Pawns

Besides getting your cash quickly – in 30 minutes or less, to be precise – and having a quick and easy title pawning process, there are other bright spots or benefits of car title pawns. One being the fact that, even though this is sometimes called a “car title pawn,” you don’t have to own a car in order to qualify. What I mean is if you happen to own a truck, SUV, or even a motorcycle, you could still get title cash now for them – provided the title is in your name and lien-free. Another benefit is we welcome all credit to come and apply. While poor credit may impact you for other forms of financial help, that won’t be the case here. You won’t be automatically turned down for your poor credit score. One other benefit is you get to keep driving your vehicle while you are repaying the pawn.

Get A Title Pawn From Georgia Today!

So now that you see how easy it is to get a title pawn, what are you waiting for? When you need quick title cash now then title pawning could be your answer to your problems. Even though your finances won’t permanently be fixed, you can at least get out of whatever situation you are facing. So the next time you are seeking alternative modes of financial assistance, keep title pawning as a viable option in Georgia.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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