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Debating On A Title Pawn? You’re Not Alone

When it comes to title pawns, if you’ve done your research, you’ve probably learned a lot what a title pawn is and how to effectively use it. You may have also read about how many people are actually looking into title pawns to help them out with their emergencies. There are many types of people that are using title pawns in Georgia when their financial situation is feeling really tied up and they need to solve a problem right away. Whether getting through an emergency or recovering from an emergency, people have used auto title pawns to help ease their struggles. If you are still wondering what a title pawn is, it is quite easy to understand.

What Is A Title Pawn?

A title pawn lets you pawn your vehicle’s title for quick cash – up to $15,000. This pawn helps you deal with unexpected expenses and emergencies that pop up and need to be taken care of right now. Your title pawn won’t be able to permanently fix your financial situation or get you out of debt, but it can definitely help put you on the path to financial stability. There are certain types of people that seek out the help of title pawns. Those people are:

  • people that have poor credit history and score
  • people that need help with their emergencies or unexpected situations
  • people that own their vehicle and have no prior pawns on their title
  • people that don’t like long processes and need their cash quickly

Type Of People That Get Auto Title Pawns

People That Have Poor Credit History And Score

With traditional loans, having a poor credit history and score can really make things much harder for you. Lenders are hesitant to lend money to people with poor credit history; they see it as not being as responsible with the way you handle your money. At Georgia Auto Pawn, we do things differently. We welcome all types of credit histories and scores to come apply. The amount of your title pawn is based on the condition of your vehicle. This means that, even though we will check your credit, your poor credit won’t automatically disqualify you for the Georgia title pawn.

People That Need Help With Their Emergencies Or Unexpected Situations

Like I said, a title pawn is used for emergencies or unexpected situations that need to be taken care of right now. Let’s say you end up in the hospital or having to be put on some new medication. Your title pawn can help you pay for those things a lot easier. Or if a pipe suddenly bursts in your home, that is also an emergency your title pawn can handle. Likewise, your auto title pawn can help in unexpected situations. Like if you realize you are late on paying some bills and don’t want the late fees to lower your credit, a title pawn can get you the cash you need to quickly get your late bills paid off.

People That Own Their Vehicle And Have No Prior Pawns On Their Title

Getting a title pawn means you have a vehicle – whether it is a car, truck, SUV, or a motorcycle – in your name that has no prior pawns on it. We allow you to use any vehicle you want as long as it is in your name and in great condition. Since the amount of the title pawn is based in part on the appraised value of your vehicle, making sure it is in good condition could be vitally important on getting you the amount you need to help your emergencies. So if your vehicle title is in your name and is clear, you can qualify to apply for a title pawn.

People That Don’t Like Long Processes And Need Their Cash Quickly

Lastly, when we need emergency cash, we don’t want to wait around in a long approval process that takes hours and is hard to understand. We understand that you need your cash right away and want to understand all the terms of your loan. Our process is different. We make sure you can get the process done quickly and that you fully understand all the terms. If everything goes right and you are approved, you could get the cash you need in 30 minutes or less. We have knowledgeable loan representatives that will walk you through the application process, answer your questions, and explain what you need to bring in with you when you come in.

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Get Started Today

As you can see, when it comes to title pawns, many people choose them to help ease their financial burdens. Why go through things alone when you don’t have to? If you fit into one of these groups of people, then you have to come to one of our Georgia Auto Pawn locations to see if you qualify. We have locations all over Georgia filled with knowledgeable and friendly loan representatives that are ready to help out. Just take some time to research and learn more about title pawns if you are still unsure. When you do, you will see all the ways a title pawn can help out with unexpected situations and ease some of your stress.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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