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Starting A New Job Is Simple With These Tips

Right now, starting a new job may be a good idea. There are about 10 million job openings and just 8.6 million people considered to be out of work, according to the United States Department of Labor. And while starting a new job can be a daunting process, it’s easy to get your feet wet as a new employee if you follow some simple steps.

Useful Tips For Starting A New Job

1. Know Your Stuff

Just like you did when applying and interviewing, starting a new job requires research, research, and more research. Before your first day, know as much about the company or workplace as you can. Peruse websites, social media and talk to other employees or even your manager to get a feel for everything from office culture to attire to what you need on your first day.

2. Do Test Runs

Chances are you’ll be starting a new job with a brand-new commute. Before that first day, text the commute and get a feel for how long the drive will be. If you’re working from home, make sure your internet connection is up to snuff.

And if your company is giving you a new computer, be sure to check that everything is in good shape.

3. Make a Good Impression

Whether you’re starting a new job on-site or virtual, it’s important to reach out and introduce yourself to fellow employees, human resources, your boss, and others you plan to work with regularly. If you want, you can even send an introductory email or message ahead of time to get the ball rolling.

4. Arrive On Time — or Early

Speaking of making a good impression, especially during your first workweek, make every effort to not be late. Arriving early (around 30 minutes or so) is always a good way to show your interest and enthusiasm that first week.

It also gives you some room to breathe to calm any nerves you may have.

5. Ask Questions

You’ll have a lot of questions when starting a new job, especially during the first few weeks. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask them. There will be a lot of information thrown your way during formal orientations and sessions with your boss but be sure to ask any questions you have (big or small) or anything that’s not covered.

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Additionally, reach out to new colleagues or anyone else on your team with anything on your mind. There is no such thing as a dumb question when starting a new job.

6. Take Time Out For Yourself

Along with moving and a death in the family, starting a new job is one of life’s top stressors. Be sure to practice some self-care during the transition. For you, that may be yoga or a walk in the park — whatever you have found that is calming and relaxing. Get enough sleep, eat well, and be in the right mind frame to begin your new adventure.

7. Get a Feel For Your Surroundings

It can be a little jarring starting a new job, especially when you’ve been used to one type of surroundings for years. Take some time to simply walk around your workspace. Find out where the break room and bathrooms are — and where you can get those all-important cups of coffee. Get a general idea of the layout, but don’t feel the need to memorize it. Also, go outside of your workplace on a lunch break and see what’s nearby — restaurants, parks, and shopping. You’ll start to feel settled in no time.

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