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The Ultimate Rules For Saving Money Every Day

Many people think that in order to save money, they have to either have a big income or make huge changes to their budget. It can be very overwhelming—or even discouraging if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

However, you can save money by making small changes and little tweaks to your budget. Just follow these “rules for saving money” every day, and you’ll start to see a difference.

Important Rules For Saving Money Daily

Eat At Home

It is five to six times more expensive to order delivery than to cook the same dish at home. And most of the time, the food isn’t even that great. You’re just paying for convenience.

We understand; you’re tired from work, and the last thing you need to think about is dinner. So, the secret is to do the cooking ahead, also known as meal-prepping. For example, make a huge batch of meatballs on the weekend, freeze them, and then serve them with different sauces on weekdays.

It may require some planning but trust us: this is one of the most effective rules for saving money.

Don’t Fall For Marketing

Brands are good at making you feel that you have to buy something right now or you’ll miss out.

For example, they’ll jack up the prices before a sale, just so they can say something is 50% off (in reality, you’re paying for the original price). Or, they’ll bundle products and say you’re getting good value, but you only really need one or two items from the bunch.

Before you get swayed by their sales talk, ask yourself: “Is this something I truly need?”

It’s one of the best rules for saving money because all your dollars go to what really matters.

Don’t Go Into A Store Without A List

We’ve all been there: we walk into the supermarket to buy toothpaste, grab a whole bunch of other things, go home... and realize we forgot the toothpaste.

One of the most important rules for saving money is that you must plan your purchases. You stay within your budget because you can estimate the cost and decide what to get now, and what can wait.

You also save time (which is just as valuable a resource) and the gas or commute fare from having to go back and forth.

ultimate rules for saving money

Write Down Every Single Purchase

Make it a habit to note down every expense, no matter how small. In fact, the small purchases are what usually take you over budget because you always forget to account for them (ex: the snacks from the vending machine).

Use an app or a pocket-sized notebook. It can also serve as a money journal, which will help you see patterns of spending that are derailing your budget.

Talk About Money With Your Partner

Many couples only talk about money when there’s a problem. By that time, everyone has become edgy and emotional because of financial stress.

So, one of the rules for saving money (and overall financial well-being) is communication. You and your partner should sit down regularly to talk about goals, revisit the budget, and think about ways you can reduce spending.

You can set a regular time (like every first Saturday of the month) where you look at the big picture. And then, throughout the month, have quick huddles to troubleshoot. “I think we might overspend on groceries, because of the holidays. Where do you think we can save?”

Have A Plan B

This is absolutely one of the most important rules for saving money: you should set aside something each month into a Rainy-Day fund for emergency expenses. It doesn’t matter how small the amount is—you build the habit of saving.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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