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7 Fast Ways To Pay Your Energy Bill

Everything costs more today and rising energy costs are likely prompting you to find new ways to pay your energy bill. In Georgia, a power or gas company can turn off services if you owe two months of bills. You will have to then pay off your debt in order to turn it back on.

It pays to know how to keep your energy bills up to date so that this doesn't happen. Here are 7 fast ways to pay your energy bill. 

Ways To Pay Your Energy Bill

1. Ask For An Arrangement. 

Many people don't realize they can ask for an arrangement, or even a discounted rate, on their energy bill. Most energy companies are generous with their arrangements. You can make one through the automated system or speak to a representative to see what options are available. 

2. Ask To Use Your Deposit. 

Most people are required to put down a deposit when they sign up for a utility and that money just sits there for years. Because of this, many energy companies are now allowing deposits to be released to reduce a bill and save on energy costs. 

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3. Go With A Prepaid Account. 

Going with a prepaid account is an option that has helped many facing additional energy costs on a tight budget. You can pay for energy costs as you go with smaller amounts of money rather than one large bill. One advantage of this for those who owe a past bill is that a portion of the money paid, usually around 20 percent, will go towards the past bill so you can keep your power on without having to pay it all upfront. 

4. Get Help From A Local Agency.

Georgia has agencies in every county that help people pay their energy bills. The dilemma is that approval may not come in a day. Your local energy company can direct you on where to go for help. 

5. Do Some Freelance Work.

Freelancing is a hot commodity today and there's plenty you can do both locally and online to get some fast cash. Take your skills online in your community or find a freelancing platform that promotes them. 

6. Start Selling Online. 

Many people sell things online to earn cash. Nice weather means yard sales. Those who find hidden treasures can make good money online and that offers new ways to pay your energy bill. 

7. Rent A Space.

You don't have to rent out a room in your house to make extra money. Those who have storage units may have some extra space for someone else to store stuff. You can rent half of your garage for someone who wants to store a sports car or even your driveway for someone wanting a place to put their RV or boat. These are some great options when looking for additional ways to pay your energy bill. 

What If I Need Money Now?

Those who can't wait to pay their energy bill can get money through alternative financing options. Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. is a reputable lender that offers options like title pawns in Georgia.

Title pawns are quick ways to pay your energy bill. You can get money from title pawns either the day you are approved or the next business day. The processing time for approval can often be as little as 30 minutes. 

Tell Me More

Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. offers title pawns up to $15,000 and the requirements are easy. All you need to qualify is a driver's license or another state-issued identification, a vehicle for inspection, and a clean title to the vehicle. If you are worried about your credit, don’t be! All credit types are welcome to apply for a title pawn! Because a title pawn is secured by the vehicle title as collateral, credit does not play the same role as with a traditional loan. The chances are approval are far greater. 

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What Is The Process?

With a private company like Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc., you can call directly or start the title pawn process online by filling out the quick inquiry form. If you choose to use the form, your information is instantly sent to the location you choose and a representative will call you soon after. 

During the call, the loan rep will confirm your information and explain what you need to qualify. They will also answer your questions and help set up an appointment for you to formally submit your loan request.

One positive aspect of applying for title pawns today is you don't have to visit the store to complete the process. A representative will meet you at a convenient location of your choice. At that time, they will inspect the vehicle being used as collateral and help you with the title pawn paperwork. 

If approved, you can get your cash the same day or the following business day. 

Fill Out The Form Today

Filling out the online inquiry form doesn't take long and doesn't obligate you to an auto pawn. It will help you get the information you need to make a decision that's right for your situation.

It’s one of the easy ways to pay your energy bill before the lights go out! Fill out the form today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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