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How Do I Pay for A Dental Treatment?

Dental care is essential. It can also be extremely expensive. Whether you have insurance or not, figuring out how to pay for dental treatment may be challenging. Basic cleanings can run around $200, and fillings can be upwards of $4,000 depending on the material used. A crown is easy $1,500 a tooth. Figuring out the best way to pay for dental treatment is key since you should never avoid dental care when you need it. Here are a few of the options to consider.

Here's How You Can Pay For Your Dental Treatment

1. Find The Best Insurance Plan For Your Needs

Dental insurance is key to keeping costs down but be sure you’re not overpaying for a plan that covers procedures you’re unlikely to need. Find the plan that covers the treatments you are likely to regularly need or look for ones that have lower rates on procedures like fillings and root canals.

2. Consider Financing

There are more ways than ever these days to pay for dental treatment. One of the popular methods is financing a payment through a medical credit card. If you’re facing a high-cost treatment, using a medical credit card allows you to pay off the balance over time in set, manageable installments. They even typically come with a long period of deferred interest. Most dental offices accept at least one type of medical credit card as a form of payment.

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3. Shop Around

You may love your dentist and have been a long-time patient, but in certain cases, it may be best to look around for a second opinion before you pay for dental treatment. The cost of treatments varies from dentist to dentist, and some dentists in more rural or remote areas may charge less for certain procedures.

4. Negotiate

On the other hand, if you have been a loyal patient for years, a dental office may be open to the flexibility when it comes to how you pay for dental treatment. All you need to do is ask. There may be room for a discounted rate or a payment plan that reflects what you can reasonably manage. Another alternative: paying the entire cost at once. Talk to your dentist about whether this form of payment can come with a discount.

5. Setup A Health Savings Account

In addition to insurance, many employers offer health savings account alternatives. With an HSA, money before taxes is put away monthly to be used for medical care such as dental treatments. HSAs often help people lower their overall dental treatment costs since the funds are not taxed.

6. Try A Dental Clinic

If you live near a university’s dental school or a professional training facility, you’re in luck. Many offer clinics for the surrounding community as a way to train dentists-to-be. The public can receive heavily reduce (and sometimes free) treatments done by a dental student who is overseen by a licensed dentist. For most procedures, you’re looking at between 20% to 70% savings.

7. Use Help From Nonprofits Or Government Clinics

State and federal government programs help those who are low-income and need help to pay for dental treatment. Many programs fund local clinics that offer either free or reduced-cost services, with rates usually based on meeting an income requirement. In addition, low-cost or free care is sometimes offered to the community by dentists one or two days a month.

8. Consider A Dentist Membership Plan

An increasing number of dentists offer their own payment plans for patients. These usually involve a regular monthly payment in exchange for basic preventive care (cleanings, X-rays) for free as well as more advanced procedures at a highly discounted rate.

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