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All About Pawning A Title To Your Car For The First Time

Throughout Georgia, hundreds of borrowers have pawned their car titles for extra cash. If you’re curious about pawning a title to your car or how to get cash for a financial emergency, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will break down all you need to know about what does pawning a title mean, why to get an auto pawn, what determines the amount, and where to get a title pawn near you.   

What To Know About Pawning A Title To Your Car

What Does Pawning A Title Mean?

Pawning a title means you are using a car title as collateral to borrow money. The borrowed money is called an auto pawn or a title pawn.

Car titles for these pawns must be lien-free. This means you cannot owe any money on your car and that it must be owned solely by you – not by the dealership or original salesperson.

In this case, offering your car’s title as collateral is done to prove that you’ll pay back the loan. So long as your payments are made on time, you get to keep your car as usual during the auto pawn.

Why Get An Auto Pawn?

Auto pawns help many families and individuals get through tough times. When you don’t have savings or resources for borrowing money, Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. makes pawning a title to your car easy, allowing you to apply for up to $15,000.

You can use this money to pay for financial emergencies, such as:

  • Car repairs (on a second vehicle)
  • Home repairs or large appliance replacements
  • Medical bills
  • Overdue utility bills
  • Overdue rent/mortgage payments

The application process for a title pawn at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. is short and to the point, with the process lasting as little as half an hour. When you’re approved, you could get your cash as soon as that same evening or the next day at the latest.

What Determines The Car Title Pawn Amount?

The pawn amount is mainly determined by the state of your vehicle, including its:

  • Age
  • Mileage
  • Condition
  • Make and model

Other aspects of your application may also influence the final loan amount.

Who Can Get A Title Pawn?

Almost anyone can apply to get an online title pawn at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. If you’re thinking of pawning a title to your car, you’ll need to be 18 years or older with a valid state I.D. to get started. A Georgia license or state identification card will suffice.

Next, you’ll also need the lien-free title for your car and to have your car ready for a short inspection.

We do not require you to show proof of employment, a bank account, or good credit to apply. Unlike traditional lenders, we make it easy for people who need cash fast.

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Getting Your Lien-Free Title

You’ll need a hard copy of your lien-free title before applying for an auto pawn in GA.

If you paid for your car in full upon purchase, you should have the lien-free title in your possession. If you need a copy, check out the GA Department of Revenue website.

If you have made payments on your vehicle and recently paid it off, the lender should release the lien shortly thereafter.

Where Can I Get A Title Pawn?

Pawning a title to your car can easily be done from the comfort of your own home through our online application and approval process. If you prefer to meet with a representative in person, we have two dozen locations across Georgia that you can choose from.

How To Apply For An Auto Pawn

To get your auto pawn today, head to our homepage to fill out the general interest form. It will ask you for your basic contact information so that one of our representatives can reach out to you via phone call. This representative will be from the office closest to you so that you have real contact in a brick-and-mortar location nearby.

Once on the phone, they’ll confirm your information, explain the pawn requirements, and answer any questions. You can then choose to meet them at the office or a different location – like your home – to inspect your documents and vehicle. This inspection is brief and will help determine your pawn amount.

Once the representative determines your vehicle’s value and approves your application, you’ll get your money within a day.

Get Your Title Pawn Money Now

Pawning a title to your car for the first time might sound intimidating, but we hope this thorough guide has helped teach you how easy it really is. Your title pawn could put thousands of dollars in your pocket to deal with urgent bills ASAP. Now that you have the knowledge, it’s time to get your money. Start your application today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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