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Borrowers Must-Know Tips For Getting Loans Against A Car Title

When you’re facing an emergency, you'll need to access quick cash to tackle your urgent needs. Don't worry; you can get fast cash with your car title. However, before pursuing this emergency option, you should understand Georgia title pawn regulations and discover responsible title pawn borrowing practices. 

In this post, we’ve come up with helpful, must-know tips for getting loans against a car title. Our six tips for getting a car title pawn or loan are ensuring your car title is lien-free and in your name, selecting a reputable lender, speaking to the lenders beforehand, and reading the fine print. 

Keep reading to learn about these six essential things to help the process run smoothly.

Title Pawns In Georgia Explained

1. Make Sure Your Car Title Is Lien-Free

To qualify for a Georgia title pawn, you need a title. Everyone knows that. Everyone doesn’t know that the title must also be lien-free. A lien-free title has no debts against it, meaning the vehicle is completely paid off and owned by you. If your title is not lien-free, it will not be eligible for title pawn use.

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for this issue. The only way to use the title is to remove all the liens first.

2. Make Sure The Title Is In Your Name

In addition to being lien-free, the title must be in your name, as it appears on your driver’s license. If the title is lien-free and in your name, it can be used for a title pawn. If it is not in your name, you must transfer it to your name before starting the process.

Luckily, getting your title transferred into your name is a lot easier than paying off any loans. You can head over to your local DMV to get the title transferred before you apply for a title pawn.

3. Only Select Reputable Lenders

Ensuring you have the minimum requirements for a title pawn is only half the battle. You also have to make sure you select a reputable lender that you can trust. Only choose a lender that is upfront and honest or that has many bad reviews about dishonesty and shady behavior.

Instead, look for lenders who are upfront about their fees and agreements. Additionally, seek lenders willing to answer any questions you may have to ensure you have the best information for making this financial decision.

4. Talk To The Lender Beforehand

Speaking of asking lenders questions, it’s a great idea to talk to the lender directly before making your final decision. Talking to the lender will allow you to understand their professionalism and personality. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions before you apply.

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5. Read The Fine Print

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many people overlook it. If you agree to a title pawn, please read the fine print before signing any documents. After you sign the document, whether you understand the agreement will be acceptable. You are still required to meet the terms of the contract.

If you have any questions about the fine print, please don't hesitate to ask the lender directly. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and dig into any questions that may arise. Only agree to a title pawn once you have done this.

6. Assess The Risks

There are many advantages to getting an emergency title pawn. For one, you'll have access to up to  $15,000 by using your lien-free car title. However, it would be best to understand the risks of pursuing a Georgia title pawn. 

Repaying your title pawn is of utmost importance. Most title pawns are expected to be repaid in a month, but you'll need to speak with the loan representative about the specific repayment details.  

If you fail to repay your loan in a given period, you could incur potential late fees and, worse, forfeit your vehicle. Discuss any questions and concerns with our representative before taking out a title pawn. 

How To Apply For A Title Pawn In Georgia

Since you are looking for tips on getting an auto loan, we assume you are confident about applying. However, you need to figure out where to use or how the process will go. Here at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc., we offer title pawns worth up to $15,000. This is what the process will look like whenever you apply with us:

  1. Fill out the quick inquiry form on our homepage. This is not the application, but it will begin the line of communication between us and you.
  2. Answer the phone whenever the closest storefront location gives you a call.
  3. Set an appointment to apply for an auto pawn from Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc.
  4. Bring all your required items to this meeting--either at the store or your chosen location.
  5. Wait for the loan representative to check your documents and inspect your vehicle.
  6. If approved, you can get the money as soon as the same day or the next business day.

We understand that it can be challenging to fit getting your vehicle evaluated into your busy schedule. For this reason, the in-person process at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. This means that you can fit us into your lunch break.

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Apply For Title Pawns Today!

If you are still deciding whether or not to pursue an auto title pawn, please review the tips above to ensure you are ready for the loan and make the best decision for your situation. If you still decide to get an online title pawn, fill out the Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. inquiry form to get started. We will get back to you shortly!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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