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Can I Get a Loan for Medical Bills?

Considering the current cost of healthcare in the United States, medical bills can be hard to handle even when you anticipate them. Even if you’re insured, the deductibles can be hard to cover.

But if you’re hit with unexpected medical expenses? The chances of covering them with just your paycheck are pretty slim.

So, unless you’ve got a large sinking fund specifically dedicated to healthcare, the question of “can I get a loan for medical bills?” can become pretty pressing.

TOP 7 FAQS about Getting a Loan for Medical Bills

1. Which Loans Should I Apply for in Case of a Medical Emergency?

Title pawns could be a good alternative if you need medical bills urgently covered. They’re accessible, easy to apply for, and chances are you’d get the money THE SAME DAY YOU APPLIED, which can be important if you need the bills covered on short notice.

2. How Can I Qualify for a Loan for Medical Bills?

Qualifying for title pawns is easy. Mostly due to the few easily satisfied qualifying requirements they come with. Most private lenders are interested in giving the money out to as many potential borrowers as possible, so most of the qualifying requirements tend to be flexible.

However, no matter how much the lender wishes to aid you, there are certain requirements they can’t bend in your favor. Here’s what you’ll need to qualify:

  • A state-issued photo ID – only those who are over 18 can apply for title pawns. No lender is allowed to just take your word for it – they need a valid government-issued document that verifies your identity and age before they start your application.
  • Your vehicle – title pawns are secured loans, meaning they require a guarantee and/or collateral. In the case of title pawns specifically, the vehicle will act as collateral and determine how much cash you qualify for.
  • The title to your vehicle which should be: 1) completely lien-free (meaning without any outstanding judgments against it); 2) in your name (you won’t be able to use a title with another person’s name on it – even if you’re the de-facto owner of the car and have been for years).

3. Can I Get a Loan for Medical Bills AND Keep My Car?

The belief of lenders taking your car away when you get a title pawn is a wildly inaccurate misconception. You can pawn your car and keep it if you apply with Georgia Auto Pawns, Inc.

Despite the car acting as collateral for the loan, it doesn’t stay with the lender at all. You will only need to take it to the meeting with the store associate for appraisal. Depending on its model and state the associate will determine the amount of your loan.

After that, you will leave with your car and freely drive it around for the duration of the loan payoff. It’s the car title that will stay with the lender while you’re paying off the loan – hence the name title pawns.

4. Can I Get a Loan for Medical Bills if My Credit Is Bad?

Yes, you can.

Low credit score is welcomed with Georgia Auto Pawns, Inc.

All credit types are welcome to apply for title pawns – be it good, bad, or outright nonexistent. While the loan representative may perform a quick credit check when assessing your documents and determining if you qualify for the loan, the result isn’t likely to influence your chances as long as you’ve got all the required items in order.

5. Can I Get a Loan for Medical Bills that Doesn’t Harm My Credit History?

Applying for title pawns will have no impact whatsoever on your credit history. Georgia Auto Pawns, Inc. doesn’t report its credit information to any credit agencies. The loan will remain entirely between you and the lender.

6. Can I Get a Loan for Medical Bills if I’m Unemployed?

Yes, you can get title pawns if you’re unemployed. As title pawns are secured loans and your car will act as collateral, the lender will have an easier time approving you for the loan.

Alternative means of income such as unemployment benefits and worker’s compensation, pensions, savings have all been successfully used to pay off Georgia title pawns.

Talk to your loan representative if you have any misgivings, and they’ll do their best to set you up with a comfortable payoff schedule.

7. Can I Get a Loan for Medical Bills Online?

Yes, you can easily apply for title pawns online!

As long as you’ve got all the required items – your state-issued ID, your vehicle, a lien-free title to your vehicle with your name on it – the application process should be simple and straightforward for you.

Just go to Main Page of our website, fill out the online inquiry form to send the information to the closest store location, and wait for it to get processed.

Soon you’ll get a call from the loan representative who’ll double-check the information and set up a meeting with an associate for you.

Take the required items to the meeting. The associate can appraise your car and assess your documents to determine if you qualify for the loan and the amount you qualify for.

If they decide to approve you, you’ll finish the paperwork right then and there and get the cash.

Get Started Today!

Being hit by a medical emergency is stressful, but with the right approach any medical issue can be solved. With the help of title pawns, you’re sure to gain a quick relief to your current financial problem caused by an emergency. So, if you feel like being ready to finally take the stress off your shoulders, then start now by filling out a short inquiry form!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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