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8 Ideas For Passive Income To Make Extra Money

We’re all after a little extra money in our side hustles, and the idea of making a good chunk of money every week passively is attractive to many people. While there’s a lot of hard work that goes behind setting up passive revenue streams, there are lots of great ideas for passive income. These are just some of the numerous ways you can make money passively, and the best part is that for many of these ideas, you can transition into a full-time profitable business if it takes off. This article will walk you through each of these options to see which one is right for you.

Here Are 8 Ways To Generate Passive Income

1. Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are hands down the best way to get started investing in real estate and is one of the best ideas for passive income. To get started, you buy shares in publicly traded portfolios, and the company does the rest.

You don’t need to buy, manage, or finance anything yourself, but you should be aware that while some REITs are successful, there is always some degree of risk in investing in real estate.

2. Invest Wisely

Investing in high-yield, low-risk stocks can be a good way to earn long-term profits. Drop 5-10k into a secure, diversified investment portfolio, and when you get your ROI, you can start saving money for your retirement, making it one of the best ideas for passive income. A good investment is often a long-term process, but it’s well worth it to make lots of passive money for the future.

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3. Get A High Yield Savings Account

High-yield savings accounts can have an interest rate of 1.5%, which can offer significant annual passive income if you put a decent chunk of money into savings.

4. Rent Out A Property

Renting out a property is a great way to earn some passive income over a long period of time. Whether you buy a property or rent a spare room, rental properties are a great way to cash out, although you should be aware that signing up for an Airbnb list isn’t entirely passive. You’ll still need to vacuum and clean the space after each guest. Even so, it’s a good way to make an extra chunk of money.

5. Purchase CDs

CDs are an alternative to stocks that can secure you a lot of money for your future. Certificates of Deposit are a much more secure, albeit lower-yield investment, but it’s still a good way to start putting aside money for the future.

6. Sell Digital Products

Online selling is big business, and with a little bit of input, you can get a massive amount of profit from selling digital products. Whether it’s an informational e-book, online course, or digital art, once you've created your product, you don’t need to put any more effort into it. If the product takes off, you could also convert these ideas for passive income into a business by making more similar products or starting a blog to take advantage of affiliate marketing, and ad revenue, and potentially increase your sales.

7. Sell Stock Photos

Got a good camera? Do you love photography? Selling stock photos might be the right choice for you. Snap some nice shots of people or natural scenery and get your photo put on a stock photo website. Every time the image is used, you get a commission.

8. Complete Surveys

While not truly passive, completing surveys through apps or websites can give you a little extra cash on hand for minimal effort. Answer a few questions in your downtime, and you can be rewarded with different payout options like gift cards or direct cash out.

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