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8 Amazing Ideas For A Cheap Thanksgiving This Year

Are you looking for ways to minimize your holiday expenses and have a cheap Thanksgiving this year? Then you’re in the right place!

Holiday season is a time for joy and laughter, but it can be costly too. If your budget is tight this Thanksgiving, there are some small changes you can make to save money and make your Thanksgiving Day that much more enjoyable. Scroll below for some tips for hosting the best cheap Thanksgiving this year!

8 Ideas For a Cheap Thanksgiving

1. Shop Early

Although it’s tempting to wait until the last possible minute to go grocery shopping for your cheap Thanksgiving Day meal, shop as early as possible. The closer it gets to Thanksgiving, the higher the prices will spike. Save some serious money by shopping early.

At the minimum, try to buy your meal items around two weeks before Thanksgiving. Some items may need to be purchased closer to the date but purchase the majority of nonperishables as far away from Thanksgiving as you can.

2. Shop Sales

While shopping early, still keep an eye out for sales. Sales can help save tons of money on your cheap Thanksgiving dinner, especially if you stack coupons weeks before Thanksgiving week. Don’t be afraid to look outside your regular shopping locations to get the best deals possible.

3. Host A Potluck

Even if you shop early and shop for sales, grocery shopping is expensive. One way that you can further keep costs down is by hosting a potluck with friends and family. With the potluck, you aren’t responsible for buying all the groceries. Instead, everyone brings their own meals which helps to keep costs lower for everyone.

4. Stick to the Basics

Whether you end up hosting a potluck or doing all the cooking yourself, make sure to stick to basics. The pilgrims didn’t have a multi-course meal. Instead, they only had a few vegetables and meat to commune over. Follow suit by only providing the basics for your cheap Thanksgiving meal. After all, the important part of Thanksgiving is spending time with the ones you care about most, not showing off your culinary expertise.

5. Bake Bread Yourself

One staple you shouldn’t forget about is bread. Although this tip will take a bit more time in the kitchen, making bread yourself saves a ton of money. If you are particularly tight on money, baking bread can help stretch your dollar. Not to mention, homemade bread is substantially tastier than pre-made bread.

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6. Make Your Décor

Most people like decorating their homes in celebration of Thanksgiving. Instead of purchasing new décor at the store, you can make décor using leaves, acorns, and other items in your yard. Just make sure that the items are free from bugs and other critters that may be looking for a snack too. We recommend checking out Pinterest for a number of cheap Thanksgiving décor ideas. Pinterest has thousands of ideas so that you can make decor and get your home in the holiday spirit without wasting much money.

7. Borrow What You Can’t Make

Not all décor can be made from items around your home. If you need an item that you can make, ask your friends and family to see if anyone has an extra item. More than likely, someone you know will have an item to lend out.

After borrowing the item, make sure you return it in a timely manner and in better condition than received. To go the extra mile, write a thank you note and provide a small treat, such as freshly made cookies as a token of gratitude.

8. Host a Potluck the Day After Thanksgiving

You can even host a potluck the day after Thanksgiving as a sort of Friendsgiving. Ask all of your guests to bring leftovers. Even though leftovers won’t sound as luxurious as a freshly cooked Thanksgiving meal, everyone loves Thanksgiving leftovers.

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If you follow the tips mentioned above, you’ll come to realize that you don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a feast and still enjoy the beauty of this holiday. Having a good time with your friends and family is what really matters, not the amount of cash you spend to impress others.

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