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How To Retire Early With No Money

There are seven steps you can take to learn how to retire early with no money:

  1. Adjust your current budget
  2. Find out your annual retirement spending
  3. Use the rule of 25
  4. Invest for growth
  5. Keep an eye on your expenses
  6. Live below your means
  7. Be sensible in emergencies

Below, we'll dive into each of these money-saving tips, so you stand the best chance of retiring early — it doesn't have to be a pipe dream!

How to Retire Early With No Money: The Top 7 Steps

1. Adjust Your Current Budget

Ultimately, retiring early means making changes to how you live now, so you can relax and enjoy life in the future. That means you'll need to cut your budget down to the basics. With an early retirement ambition, you should aim to live on half of your income or less to put the rest into savings.

There are two primary ways to go about this — live frugally or make more money. The former means getting rid of subscription services, only buying essentials, and cutting down on transportation usage. The latter requires investing wisely and starting side hustles. It's up to you which route you'd like to take.

2. Find Out Your Annual Retirement Spending

Another crucial step in your how to retire early with no money plan is to calculate how much you'll spend per year once in retirement.

For the calculation, you'll need to know your current monthly outgoings and consider the items that'll go down, up, or need to be eliminated.

Multiplying the monthly figure by 12 equals your annual retirement outgoing needs. Now, we strongly recommend increasing this value by 10% to 20% to give your future self some breathing room.

3. Use The Rule of 25

Perhaps one of the most panic-inducing steps on this "how to retire early with no money" list, the rule of 25 states that you should have 25 times the answer to the above saved before giving up your working life. So, if you plan to spend $50,000 during your first year as a retiree, you need $1.25 million saved.

Keep in mind that this rule assumes your retirement fund is actually invested.

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4. Invest for Growth

Investment returns are your best friends when it comes to walking away from the desk life forever. You need a balanced investment portfolio focused on long-term growth to get high-quality results. You can make your own decisions about how to go about this, but we'd suggest looking at somewhat high-risk low-cost index funds.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Expenses

So far, you've put in a lot of work to estimate how much you'll spend every year in retirement. However, sticking to the estimate is a much more challenging task.

If you regularly go over this estimation as a retiree, you'll likely need to go back to work to restore your dwindling bank account. Of course, that isn't the ideal scenario, so it's essential to ensure your estimation is accurate.

6. Live Below Your Means

Don't spend your entire paycheck every month. Living way below your means is a must-do when you're planning to retire early.

With that in mind, it's a good idea to keep your significant expenses (i.e., accommodation and transportation) to a minimum. Whether that means buying a smaller house or getting rid of the Audi, cutting back in these departments saves a boatload of money.

7. Be Sensible in Financial Emergencies

People tend to freak out when emergencies happen and throw their retiring-early plans out the window. But that won't get you anywhere.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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