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How To Get Emergency Holidays Loans

The holidays can be tough. They can also be expensive and can deplete cash on hand quickly. That makes it especially tough if something unexpected happens like your car breaks down or something goes haywire in your house.

People get emergency holiday loans for many reasons but the primary one is that they don't have the cash resources they typically have when something unanticipated happens. They don't want that emergency to ruin the holiday for their family so they take out a loan that can be repaid after the holiday.

Ways To Get Emergency Holiday Loans

The way you go about getting an emergency loan often depends on your situation, your job, and your banking relationships. A couple of options exist for most people with standard to good credit, a regular job, and a decent relationship with their bank.

Paycheck Advance

Some employers, although it's just a few, will offer a paycheck advance option. This is where you can apply to get part or your whole paycheck advanced to you to handle your emergency. Paycheck advances are handled through the human resources department and can be done quickly. They are not uncommon for the holiday season.

Your 401K

Those who have 401ks can take out a loan against them. The money is drafted from your account, so you won't be earning dividends on it. You will need to repay it to your account within 60 days or face severe tax penalties from the federal government as that is considered an early withdrawal.

Home Equity

Many people are tapping into their home equity to help pay additional expenses in this economy. Most banks, especially the one that holds your original mortgage, can open up a home equity line for you.

You can write this off as a tax deduction but you will have an extra mortgage payment to pay monthly until it's paid off.

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Fintech Loan

Several new online financial institutions have opened up to offer small personal loans to those who qualify. Many people who wouldn't qualify for a bank loan can get emergency holiday loans this way. They automatically draft from your checking account with interest to be sure the loan is repaid.

Even so, they can offer lower loan amounts and get you approved in minutes. Money is directly deposited to your banking account the same day or the next business day.

You apply for these emergency holiday loans online from the comfort of your home, so they are convenient and private.

Many report to the credit bureau so this may be a good way to establish credit or improve credit. You will need to look at the lender's reputation to make sure they are legitimate and can do business in your state. There are scammers out there that pretend to offer loans when they just want your information.

Title Pawns

Your vehicle has equity also, just as your home does. Vehicle title pawns are a quick, simple way to get cash for emergencies. Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. offers title pawns that can get you up to $15,000 in cash.

Applying for a title pawn with us is simple. You will need a Georgia driver's license or state identification, a clear title to your vehicle, and your vehicle on hand for an inspection.

You can apply by phone, online, or in the store but the most convenient way is to fill out an online inquiry form. Your information is sent to the store location you choose, and a store representative will call you.

The store representative will confirm your information on the phone and answer any of your questions. You choose to either go to the store or another location where you feel comfortable. The loan representative will do a five-minute vehicle inspection to see the amount of cash you qualify for. 

You then can complete the approval process. It typically takes just 30 minutes. You get your money either that day or the next business day and you keep your vehicle.

A couple of reasons why some people choose vehicle title pawns over other options are that you don't have to have a checking account, can apply even if you have bad credit or no credit, and they are self-employed or haven't worked long enough to get approved for a bank loan. It is one option for getting emergency holiday loans.

Send An Inquiry Now

There are several options for getting emergency holiday loans, and a title loan is one of the best. Starting the process of looking into a title pawn is easy. Simply fill out the online title pawn inquiry form to see if this is an option that works for you. A Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. store representative can explain the process to you and discuss how it works.

You aren't obligated to take out a title loan by filling out the form. It can be one option that can help you through a holiday season filled with emergencies. Fill out the form today!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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