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Credit Score Factors You Might Not Know About But Should!

There are 5 main credit score factors that not a lot of people know about. Those are your payment history, amounts owed, credit mix, credit history length, and new credit.

However, even if you are aware of all five credit score factors, there are still plenty of other credit-related things that might come to you as a surprise.

Top 5 Credit Score Factors

1. Payment History

This factor makes 35% of your score. To keep it high, pay all your bills on time.

2. Amounts Owed

30% of your score depends on the amount of the credit limit you use. Ideally, you should use not more than 30% of the available credit.

3. Credit History Length

In a nutshell, the longer – the better. You can keep your old credit card account, even if you don’t need it any longer. This factor affects 15% of your score.

4. Credit Mix

A mix of installment accounts and credit card accounts affects your score in a good way. This is one of the factors that is responsible for 10% of your overall score.

5. New Credit

Be careful with this one, as every application (that causes a hard inquiry) makes you lose a few points. 10% of the total score depends on how often you apply for new credit.

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Surprising Facts About Credit Score Factors

1. Approaching your credit limit might negatively impact your credit scores.

Even if you manage to pay off everything you owe regularly, your credit utilization ratio can still affect credit score factors.

2. It won’t help your credit scores to close an account that’s paid in full.

This one applies to revolving credit accounts. Closing an account might affect the debt to credit utilization rate and the average age of the credit accounts.

3. If you pay off a debt, any late or missed payments on that account will not be removed.

Unfortunately, such payments will remain on your credit report for up to 7 years.

4. Your credit score in the United States may not matter abroad.

Different countries have their own ways of determining creditworthiness. Moreover, in the absolute majority of cases, they can't track down your credit score from the States.

5. Potential employers can check your credit score and reject your application based on the report.

It is legal for a hiring manager to check your credit report in 39 states. The score might determine whether or not you are going to get the job.

6. Late payments might only appear on your credit report after 30 days.

If you manage to make the missed payment before 30 days are up, there is a possibility that the creditor will not report it as a late payment.

7. Negative items will eventually come off the report.

Hard inquiries remain on file for up to 2 years; bankruptcy – for up to 10 years; practically all the other negative items – for 7 years.

8. Increasing your credit limit can boost your credit score.

There are a few things that you can do to make your score go up. One of them being – increasing your credit limit. In such a way, you’re lowering your credit utilization.

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What You Are Going to Need

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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