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9 Fun And Cheap Things To Do In Atlanta, GA

If you’re traveling to Georgia on a budget, knowing a few cheap things to do in Atlanta, GA may be useful. Atlanta is one of the most beautiful cities in the southeast, and there is so much to do there. You need to plan to prepare your busy itinerary in Atlanta. And if you travel by car, you also need to prepare for any unexpected vehicle repairs you have to make while traveling. Explore our nine top things to do in Atlanta such as, Art Galleries, the Olympic Park, Drive-In's, Martin Luther King Jr. historic site, brewery tours, and more. Additionally, learn how title pawns can help you if you have any unexpected emergencies on your travels. 

Here’s A List Of Fun, Cheap Things To Do In Atlanta, GA

1. Visit The Atlanta Contemporary Art Gallery

If you are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, visiting the Atlanta Contemporary Art Gallery should be at the top of your to-do list, especially if you love art. Every year the Atlanta Contemporary Art Gallery features a mixture of local, national, and international artists to exhibit. The museum has also had free admission to visit the gallery for several years now.

On Thursday nights, there is a program called Contemporary Cocktails, where you can explore the gallery while also indulging in a cash bar.

2. Visit Centennial Olympic Park

This park was originally built to help Atlanta host the 1996 Olympic Games, and it is one of the most popular places in Atlanta to hang out. The park is also notable because of the regular concert series that it hosts.

Music at Noon is a free lunchtime concert series. On Wednesday nights, they also host the Wednesday WindDown, with five-dollar admission tickets.

3. Visit The Starlight Drive-In

If you are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, and you love movies, you need to head on over to check out the Starlight Drive-In. This unique historic drive-in theater has been showing the latest flicks for over eighty years now. Your ticket gets you admission to a double-feature screening.

4. Go To The Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site

If you are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, you should consider taking the opportunity to learn more about iconic civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. This is a free admission historic site that lets you learn about several important places and events in King’s life.

These include the home where he grew up (tours are provided), the church where he was a pastor, and the World Peace Rose Garden, where he gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

cheap things to do in atlanta ga: Martin Luther Kg Jr historic site

5. Explore Woodruff Park

If you are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, you won’t find much more opportunity than in Woodruff Park. Woodruff Park is great because it is full of totally free things to do. Some of the opportunities for fun and adventure in Woodruff Park include bocce, ping pong, chess, free yoga classes, an open-air reading room, and a beautiful atmosphere.

6. Explore The Beltline

The latest outdoor adventure space in Atlanta is the BeltLine. If you are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, you should check out this circle of old railroad tracks that loops around the middle of the city. There is a skate park, various other parks and green spaces, and a trail that takes you through some of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Atlanta.

7. Take A Brewery Tour

Atlanta has become one of the biggest hubs of craft beer in America. If you enjoy beer and are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, you should consider taking a brewery tour. You will have to pay for your admission ticket, but this will include souvenirs and beer samples.

cheap things to do atlanta ga brewery tours

8. Visit Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market exists in a refurbished industrial space and is one of the most fun places to hang out in Atlanta. You can get some of the best food in the city and browse some of the coolest vendors.

9. Explore Piedmont Park

There are lots of parks to explore in Atlanta and if you are looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta, you should also make a point of checking out Piedmont Park. This park has everything you could want out of a park, including picnic areas, bocce courts, a dog park, and a farmer’s market.

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