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How Long Does It Take To Get Cash From A Title Pawn In Georgia?

Sometimes, situations arise that need our immediate attention. Emergencies come up and we can’t just wait until we make the right amount of money to deal with them. We need financial assistance now. That is when you can turn to a title pawn in Georgia. Title pawns, often compared to title loans offered in other states, gives you the cash that can help you deal with your biggest emergencies. In just 30 minutes or less from the time you walk in, you can walk out with the cash you need. While this pawn isn’t designed to be a permanent fix – it can still help ease the stress of whatever financial emergency you are currently going through. You can also use this pawn to help recover if you’ve already dealt with the emergency but need help getting back to stability. Learn how you can access cash quickly, all credit is welcome, and how simple the process is.

A title pawn allows you to pawn your vehicle’s title for a certain amount of cash. As long as your title is in your name and free of any prior pawns or judgments, you may be approved for fast title pawn cash. One thing to keep in mind is that this pawn isn’t the end all, be all for every financial problem you have; meaning you shouldn’t be using this as a way to get rid of your debt. This pawn is used as a short-term way to deal with your biggest unexpected emergencies. But even if you can’t use this for your debt, you can still keep your credit from dropping due to needing some help dealing with your emergencies. And there are a ton of other benefits you can get as well.

Benefits Of A Title Pawn

You Get Your Cash Quickly

Like I said, if all goes well during the title pawn approval process, you could walk out of our store with the cash you need in 30 minutes or less. We know how quickly you need to react with certain emergencies. If your home suffers major damage like a pipe burst, your windows get smashed, or your roof is damaged, you have to deal with that right away. Or if you are injured in any way and need a surgery, you need that kind of emergency dealt with right away. With those type of emergencies you will need the cash right away to deal with them. You can’t wait until you are able to gather the money needed. That is where title pawns can help ease the burden of your emergency.

All Credit Is Welcome

Another plus for title pawns is the fact that all credit is welcome to apply. With many loans, a poor credit score and history can make getting them a lot tougher or cost you a lot more money. Lenders become weary when they see you have poor credit because it indicates to them you may not be responsible with money. But Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. is different. We do not deny you because of a poor credit score; we allow you to apply no matter what your credit score is. The pawn relies on your vehicle and its title – so if you have a poor credit score, we will still work with you. This doesn’t automatically mean we will approve you – there is still an approval process to go through – but we will sit with you and see how we can best help you.

Our Process Is Quick and Simple

We know how stressful a financial emergency can be; we don’t want to add to your stress with a long application process that you can barely understand. Our process is simple and convenient. We want to make sure you fully understand our process so you know everything there is to know before you sign anything. The whole process begins with you filling out our online form. Once you submit the phone you will receive a phone call from one of our loan representatives to confirm your information and to explain what items you must bring with you. Once you hang up, you can make your way to the nearest Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. location with the items to complete the process. Once here, you will sit with one of our reps who will go over your items and answer all of your questions. Your vehicle will also be inspected to determine how much you qualify for. The entire process can take 30 minutes or less from the time you walk in. If everything goes right, you could walk away with your vehicle and the cash you need – anywhere up to $15,000.

You Don’t Need To Bring In Too Many Necessary Items

Like I said, in order to complete the process and figure out how much you qualify for, there are some necessary documents you need to bring. However, at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc., we don’t make you bring in too many necessary documents to complete the process. We only require you to bring in three things in order to finish. Those three necessary things are:

  • Your driver’s license or your government-issued photo ID that says you are at least 18 or older.
  • Your vehicle’s title that is in your name and free of any prior pawns or judgments.
  • Your vehicle that matches the title so that we can conduct an inspection and figure out how much you qualify for.

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Get Started Today

As you can see, if you are approved, you can get your title pawns online cash quickly. We know how quickly an unexpected emergency can pop up and how quickly we want to take care of them and move on with our lives. But obviously, that isn’t always possible with our income alone. Sometimes we need help and we need our cash to come in quickly. We don’t have time to mess around with long approval loan processes. When you need financial help to deal with these emergencies quickly, look into Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. and find out about our title pawns online. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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