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The Most Common Car Title Mistakes Drivers Make

Trying to get your hands on a shiny new car? Perhaps you want to know the most common mistakes drivers make with car titles so you can avoid making them.

The process of shifting the title of a vehicle isn't designed to be complicated, but there are a number of reasons why it doesn't always go well. Don't worry because we have included the most often encountered car title concerns, such as changing the name on the title or discovering an error at the last minute.

Let's go right in and check out the most common title mistakes drivers make with car titles.

8 Common Car Title Mistakes That You Should Avoid

1. Title Errors As The Buyer

Check the title thoroughly before finalizing the deal, since any errors might prevent you from successfully transferring ownership into your name. The most typical buyer errors are listed below.

2. Your Brand-New Car's Title Is Damaged

During the transfer procedure, it is not uncommon for the buyer to discover that part of the information was incorrect or incomplete upon completion of the transaction. You should get in touch with both the seller and your local DMV so that the seller can help you fix the problems.

3. Purchasing A Vehicle With A Signed Title

The seller may have had another interested bidder lined up to acquire the vehicle before you signed the title, but that person may have backed out at the last minute. Due to an issue with the title, you are unable to transfer ownership of the vehicle to your name.

 A new title may be obtained by visiting the DMV with the bill of sale and the buyer's details, but the process will go more smoothly if the seller is there as well.

4. No Seller's Name On The Document

Beware of a car sale if the name of the vendor does not match the name on the title. Title jumping is a red flag for fraud or dishonesty, but it might simply be an honest omission. You and the vendor must settle this issue before proceeding.

5. Title Errors As The Seller

A mistake on the title might cause you legal trouble when selling the automobile. Here are a few of the most common mistakes the seller could make.

car title mistakes

6. Accidental Error On The Part Of The Seller

Common examples of seller errors on titles include wrong names, addresses, and mileage. If you make a mistake on the paperwork for the sale of your car, you should contact the relevant DMV office as soon as possible. You may have a new beginning by requesting a duplicate title from the DMV.

7. Title Jumping

When a vehicle's ownership changes hands without its title being updated to reflect the new owner, a practice known as "title jumping" may occur. This is a prohibited business activity, and if you did not have a title when you buy your vehicle, you will be required to get one in your name before you can sell it.

8. Wrong Buyer Signature

You may have been elated when you found out that you had a buyer and that you had progressed all the way to the point of signing the title. After then, the buyer backs out of the transaction for an unknown reason. You are now in the unfortunate position of having a title with the incorrect signature.

The most effective method for avoiding this scenario is to restrict the buyer's ability to sign the title to the moment immediately after the completion of the transaction and the receipt of money. If you did make this error, you may correct it by going to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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