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Can Someone Help Me Pay My Bills? Where Can I Go For Help In Georgia?

Struggling to find an answer for your "can someone help me pay my bills?" question? Understandable — it's quite hard to find help when you're under a lot of financial stress. So, we've done the grunt work for you. Take a look below at the best places to seek financial assistance.

Can Someone Help Me Pay My Bills? Yes! Here's Where To Look

1. The Heating Energy Assistance Team

The HEAT program, administered by the Georgia Department of Human Resources across the state, gives both families and single people assistance with heating and cooling bills. Call 678-406-0212 or head to the Heating Energy Assistance Team website to view the eligibility requirements.

2. The Georgia Statewide Energy Bill Assistance Program

Another way to approach the problem is by taking part in the Georgia Statewide Energy Bill Assistance Program.

SCANA Energy provides the regulated natural gas provider program. Georgia's universal service fund partially funds it, giving natural gas and financial assistance to those in low- to moderate-income households or anybody who can't keep up with their natural gas bill.

You must meet the low-income requirements defined by the Georgia Department of Human Resources to qualify. Once eligible, you receive many benefits, including a reduced security deposit, lower customer service charge, and discounted rates on monthly utility bills.

If you're interested, sign up by contacting your community action agency. Even if you don't qualify, you could still be eligible for assistance with the Regulated Provider. Get started by calling 1-866-245-7742.

3. Project SHARE

Project SHARE is another statewide initiative offered for electric utility customers. It's administered by The Salvation Army and can help you by giving emergency grants and financial assistance. To find out more, call 404-873-3101 if you're in the Atlanta area. If you're outside the city, dial 1-800-257-4273.

4. Peachcare For Kids

PeachCare offers low-cost or completely free health insurance coverage for children up to 19 years old. It may even help you pay for health care bills and medical expenses. If you have a child under six years old, you can receive PeachCare for free. To find out more, dial 1-877-GA-PEACH.

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5. Georgia Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is a federal program. It's made with low-income families with children under 18 years old in mind. If you qualify, you receive cash assistance each month you're eligible.

6. Georgia Foreclosure Aid And Mortgage Help

There are plenty of foreclosure programs in the state. They help you avoid or stop the foreclosure process. Not to mention there are countless mortgage assistance and therapy services available within these schemes.

If you don't qualify for them, try non-profit organizations approved by HUD. They can give you additional foreclosure prevention and mortgage solutions.

7. Start Looking Into A “Car Pawn Shop Near Me”

If you don't qualify for these ways to settle your "can someone help me pay my bills?" query, it might be time to start looking for a “car pawn shop near me” or “Georgia title pawn near me”. Keep in mind that this should be used as a last resort. After all, you don't want to jump straight into another financial obligation when you're already struggling. However, it can be fantastic for emergency funding when it seems like all hope is lost.

A car title pawn is a short-term financial aid allowing you to borrow a lump sum of money depending on the value of your vehicle. The better the vehicle, the more money you receive (capped at $15,000 with us at Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc.)

How Do I Find a Car Pawn Shop Near Me?

The process is quick and easy. You don't even need a checking account or perfect credit. Just contact any of our Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. stores via phone or fill in the simple request form to get started. The latter sends your information straight to your chosen location (usually the one closest to you), and they’ll call you back shortly. Thus, with minimal effort and time loss, you’ll find and get connected to the nearest car title pawn shop.

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Get Your Title Pawn Today!

You can finally stop fretting about your "can someone help me pay my bills?" question and get cash for your car title with Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. After all, it's common knowledge that when your financial situation improves, so does your quality of life. So, get started today by filling out a short intake form on our website or call us directly at 800-514-2274.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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