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The Best Road Trip Destinations In The USA

The prospect of going on a road trip is super exciting. Trust us, we get it! But it is always hard to know which road you should follow and where you should end up. While some people like to just wing it, others (like ourselves) would prefer to have a plan in mind before leaping into the unknown. So, let's get into the 6 best road trip destinations. And don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging on how you can afford your road trip. We’ll cover how you can finance your road trip with an auto title pawn loan in Georgia. Ready? Excellent!

The 6 Best Road Trip Destinations

1. Blue Ridge Parkway

This route connects the Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. You just won't find anything like it. If you are into natural landscapes and breathtaking views of forests and undulating land, you will be flawed by the Blue Ridge Parkway route. Wherever you start along the way, you will undoubtedly have a fantastic time. You will want to get a pretty good camera for this one.

2. Olympic Peninsula

Here, you will want to begin your journey from Seattle. The whole trip is 330 miles long and can take as long as you want it to. You can travel clockwise or counterclockwise, it doesn't matter. Whichever direction you travel, you won't miss the awe-inspiring views.

3. Pacific Coast Highway

4. Historic Columbia River Highway

Again, the Historic Columbia River Highway is another short one at 23 miles. You don't have to be on the road for millions of hours to achieve sanctuary. This short whippersnapper of a trip is bound to take you back in time to the good old days of coasting down a long road with your music playing.

5. Red Rock Country

For those of you who like unique destinations, you have to try this one. It will feel like you are on an endless dessert "highway" (but we promise that it does come to an end) and one that is peppered with hiking trails and camping grounds.

6. Route 66

Oh yes, the famous Route 66. As almost everybody knows, this is the original highway connecting Chicago to Los Angeles and is probably the most famous road trip destination around. So get your kicks on this classic route!

How to Fund Your Once-in-a-Lifetime Road Trip

Funding a trip like this doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, finding funding for the best road trip in the country can be completely manageable with the help of auto title pawn loans. Auto title pawns are a short-term loan option type that allows you access to emergency money by leveraging the value of your car without you having to pawn your car for cash. Here’s why auto title pawn loans are an option for you.

The Benefits of Auto Pawns Near Me

They’re Easy to Get

Usually, you will be able to have your hands on your much-needed money quickly, often in as little as 30 minutes! It is an option to fund your once-in-a-lifetime road trip because you don't even need to plan that far in advance!

It’s a Hassle-Free Option

Traditional bank loans come with a whole world of problems. The main one is the fact that they require near-perfect credit scores (which hardly anybody has, by the way). Auto title pawns are a surefire way to negate the need for in-depth credit checks. Whether you have a less-than-average credit history or a relatively good one, you are bound to be approved as long as you have the title to your car available.

You Can Continue to Drive

One of the benefits of using your car to access an auto title pawn is the fact that you can continue to use your car for the duration of your loan. Once you’re approved and once the funds have been deposited into your account, you won't have to worry about title pawning your car for cash. It won’t hinder your road trip in the slightest.


man pawned his car title for cash


How to Acquire Auto Pawns Near You

Applying for an auto title pawn in Georgia is easier now than ever before thanks to the easy-to-complete online form that can be filled out in minutes from the comfort of your home. By inputting your contact information and vehicle information into the prompted locations on the form, you’re one step closer to receiving a phone call from a friendly representative who will ask that you provide a few key pieces of information such as the title to your vehicle, your license or ID, and your car for inspection. For more information on what you need to supply, please visit our Required Items Page.

With this information, you can receive up to $15,000 for your auto title pawn loan today! It’s that fast, easy, and painless! We’ve given you a rundown on auto pawns but if you have more questions, check out our FAQ Page. Affording your dream road trip when you’re on a budget doesn’t have to be difficult. Thanks to the Georgia Auto Pawn, Inc. process, you can head for the highways.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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