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 Holiday Travel Tips to Keep Your Budget on Track

October 30, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

The holidays are here and while you might be prepping for Thanksgiving and getting your November in order, the children in your life are probably looking forward to Winter Break. Or, perhaps, you are looking for a winter respite from your job and daily life. Running off to a nice holiday can be just what you need to get you through the last leg of the year.

Building Your Holiday Travel Budget

Is your budget putting dampers on your holiday vacation dreams? It might not need too. True, you need money to make the magic of a trip happen but there are plenty of ways to tweak your budget and the travel system to bend to your holly jolly holiday will!

No need for online car pawning – we’ve got some tips that might help you afford a little trip to add some merriment to your season.

Credit Cards

It should be no surprise to you as a modern society dweller that credit cards come in all shapes and sizes and provide different benefits. While some provide points that you can use for cash back, others are specifically designed with rewards programs for travelers.

There are specific cards and airline carriers that have created cards so you can collect air miles with your normal, day-to-day purchases. Other cards will allow you to collect points you can use towards restaurant or hotel purchases.

Flight Bargain Hunt

If you are going to a location where you will need to fly, might we suggest shopping around? Sites like momondo or Skyscanner can help you compare different airlines and their prices.

It’s a good idea to look early and look at different days. Flying on Tuesdays is generally better than leaving on a Friday or the weekend when prices are higher. Compare dates, times, and airlines.

The Perks of Driving

If flights are still too expensive for you, might we recommend driving? Driving to your destination might take more time than a flight but it can save you a lot of money. But what is worth it? How much driving is a better trade-off to the price of a flight?

Overall, if your destination is less than 4 hours away, we recommend you drive. Longer than five hours and a flight might be the best bet. This might be something to keep in mind when planning your Christmas vacay.

Bond with Friends or Family

Traveling is a great time to bond with friends and family you have all over the country or the world. The spirit of the holidays is also one of bonding with those we love so it might be an even more perfect time to go visit your family.

Picking a destination where your family or friends live is great for multiple reasons: First, you can cut down on the expense of accommodations by staying with family or friends. Secondly, you will have a built-in tour guide to show you around the town!

Safe Travels

And there you have it: four ways to help you get that Christmas vacation you’ve been dreaming of. Get out there, scan the skies, pack your bags, and get your travel clothes on! Happy Holiday Travels!